About Tawreeq Investments

Tawreeq Investments (TI) is a company specialised in funding pools of Sharia-compliant Supply Chain Finance (SCF) investments originated throughout the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. Based in Luxembourg, a trusted international financial hub, TI manages its primary securitization vehicle, which offers a wide variety of investment structures to access underlying trade finance transactions, with each investor maintaining their portfolio in a segregated compartment.

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“We offer Sharia-compliant investment programs, and structure them with a number of credit enhancements to provide additional levels of safety and comfort to our counter-parties.”

Supply Chain Finance Programs

Tawreeq’s investments are structured on underlying SCF transactions that are structured using Sharia-compliant methods, and offer attractive returns on real economic activities and support the SME sector. The investment programs are composed of a mix of different underlying structures offered through Tawreeq Holdings.

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    Factoring Programs

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    Reverse Factoring Programs

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    Comprehensive SCF Programs

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Investors are constantly in search for high-quality, income-yielding investment opportunities, especially in the current and prolonged low interest rate environment. This is particularly true for Sharia-compliant investors who face unique challenges in sourcing quality assets of a sufficient scale and return profile.

Our investment programs provide the market with a competitive alternative asset-class investment that is Sharia-compliant, focused on the real economy, and is able to provide a yield superior to other available short-term alternatives.

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    Tawreeq Holdings has originated more than $55 million in Supply Chain Finance services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-size companies, meeting an important milestone for the company